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Homework Club

Homework Club

Homework Club


Homework Club will meet from 3-4 pm on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays.  Homework Club will focus on increasing students' academic achievement in Math and English Language Arts.  A late bus will be available for students attending Homework Club and the late bus will depart WMS at 4:05pm.  Homework Club will begin soon after the first day of school.  Please check back with us two weeks after the start of school to look for an update.  Thank you.




Late Bus Stops    

1. Morgan St. (Behind Round Table)

9.  Pleasants Valley Road (to Quail Canyon Rd)
2. Blue Oak Park 10.  Putah Creek Road (to Campbell Lane)
3. Walnut Lane 11. Boyce Road
4. Valley Oak at MacArthur 12. Bowman Road
5. Yolo Housing 13. Gaddini Road
6. East of Yolo Housing, to Russel, Road 31 split 14. Wolfskill Road
7. North of town on Roads 29A, 31, 29, 88, 89 15. Old Winters Road

8. West of town on The Horseshoe