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Homework Club

Homework Club

Homework Club meets from 3-4 pm on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays.  A late bus is available for students attending Homework Club.  


Day of the Week Room Teacher Subject
Monday Room 12 Mahmood Math & Benchmark Help
Tuesday Room 7 Bendorf Math & Benchmark Help
  Room 17 Re Language Arts & Benchmark Help
Thursday Room 10 Scholl Math & Benchmark Help
Late Bus Stops    

1. Morgan St. (Behind Round Table)

9.  Pleasants Valley Road (to Quail Canyon Rd)
2. Blue Oak Park 10.  Putah Creek Road (to Campbell Lane)
3. Walnut Lane 11. Boyce Road
4. Valley Oak at MacArthur 12. Bowman Road
5. Yolo Housing 13. Gaddini Road
6. East of Yolo Housing, to Russel, Road 31 split 14. Wolfskill Road
7. North of town on Roads 29A, 31, 29, 88, 89 15. Old Winters Road

8. West of town on The Horseshoe


Attached is the lesson for next week's Progress Report Reflection/Goal-Setting Advisory lesson.  We are on an Activity Schedule to facilitate sufficient time for students to reflect and set goals.  There will likely be extra time for some during the period while you conference with individual students.  Please contribute to the shared Google Sheet (linked below) with assignments for your classes that students can work on during Advisory.  No student should say, "I don't have anything to do."


Here is the lesson plan:


A HUGE THANK YOU to the illustrious ladies of the Advisory Committee (Kelly Sacchi, Katie Sorensen, Laura Spracher, and Pat Scholl) for developing this awesome Google Slides presentation that walks you step by step through the lesson.


Lastly, here is the link to the Reflection/Goal-Setting Sheet.  Hard copies of this will be in your box on Monday.  Hard copies of the progress report will be in your box on Wednesday.  We have to wait for grades to roll, so we may cut it close.  Fear not, you'll get them.