Simpervernes Website


3100 Bean Creek Road

Scotts Valley, California 95066

Phone Number: (831) 252-6685

Program Director: Danny ‘Dingo’ Beutler


Phone: 831-252-7868

February 5-9, 2024: WMS Outdoor School Arrival Update: Students are currently scheduled to take their yearly Outdoor School Trip, February 5-9 2024.  Please click on the links on this webpage to learn more information about the trip.


Daytime Activities

  • Explore the tidepool, marsh, and rocky shore along our coast
  • Learn about the old growth redwoods while hiking on site and in two County Parks
  • Explore and work with the plants, chickens and ducks in the organic garden
  • Work together to complete fun and exciting team challenges
  • Sing songs about decomposition, adaptations, and the food chain

Night Time Activities

  • The Town Hall Meeting, in which you will debate and vote on a development issue
  • The Barnyard Boogie, where you will learn dances with our live band!
  • The Night Hike, in which you will go for a hike at night and learn about astronomy
  • Skit Night, where you will perform skits on the campfire stage!
  • Each evening ends with a campfire where naturalists sing songs and tell stories

For information regarding our partnership, please refer to the monthly newsletters.

Important Information / Informacion Importante, Feb. 5-9, 2024


Camp costs $225 per student. Payments are due by December 15. Individual student balances will be mailed home when we come back from Thanksgiving Break.

  • It is our goal that every student that wants to go to camp, gets to go to camp. We do not want cost to be a barrier. So please know we have scholarships available in the WMS front office for folks that would benefit from them. We ask that all scholarship applications are submitted by December 16.

  • All candy sales end on December 16, 2022, and all candy money is due to the front office by then. If you would like an extension, please call the WMS office.

  • We are here to help and support in any way possible. Our goal is to make camp a great experience for all of the students. Please reach out with any questions or concerns.


  • El campamento cuesta $225 por estudiante. Los pagos vencen el 16 de diciembre. Los saldos individuales de los estudiantes se enviarán por correo a casa cuando regresemos de las vacaciones de Acción de Gracias.

  • Nuestro objetivo es que cada estudiante que quiera ir al campamento, pueda ir al campamento. No queremos que el costo sea una barrera. Entonces, tenga en cuenta que tenemos becas disponibles en la oficina principal de WMS para las personas que se beneficiarían de ellas. Pedimos que todas las solicitudes de becas se envíen antes del 16 de diciembre.

  • Todas las ventas de dulces terminan el 16 de diciembre de 2023, y todo el dinero de los dulces se debe a la oficina principal para entonces. Si desea una extensión, llame a la oficina de WMS.

  • Estamos aquí para ayudar y apoyar en todo lo posible. Nuestro objetivo es hacer del campamento una gran experiencia para todos los estudiantes. Comuníquese con cualquier pregunta o inquietud.