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Students explore the people and places of ancient civilizations, world cultures and U.S. history.

6th Grade: Ancient Civilizations

Students develop an understanding of:

  • The Paleolithic Era
  • The Agricultural Revolution
  • Early Civilizations of Mesopotamia
  • Early Civilizations of Egypt
  • Early Hebrews
  • Ancient India
  • Ancient Greece
  • Ancient China
  • The Development of Rome

7th Grade: World History

Students develop an understanding of:

  • Rome
  • Islam
  • China
  • Africa
  • Japan
  • Medieval Europe
  • Central and South America
  • The Renaissance and Reformation
  • The Age of Exploration

8th Grade: U.S. History

Students develop an understanding of:

  • American Constitutional Democracy
  • The U.S. Constitution
  • American Political System
  • Aspirations and Ideals of the New Nation
  • U.S. Foreign Policy in the Early Republic
  • The 1800s to the Mid 1800s in:
    • The U.S. Northeast
    • The U.S South
    • The U.S. West
  • American Attempts to Abolish Slavery
  • The American Civil War
  • American Reconstruction