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Outdoor School


February 7, 2020: WMS Outdoor School Arrival Update: Students are en route back to WMS! We expect them to arrive on campus at approximately 3:00 pm. We look forward to welcoming them back to Winters!

Winters Middle is a proud partner with New Horizon's Outdoor Schools. The school is located along the beautiful Pescadero Creek, and is bordered by Memorial County Park and Pescadero Creek County Park.

Here are some sample activities our students participate in during their stay at Camp Loma Mar:

Daytime Activities

  • Explore the tidepool, marsh, and rocky shore along our coast
  • Learn about the old growth redwoods while hiking on site and in two County Parks
  • Explore and work with the plants, chickens and ducks in the organic garden
  • Work together to complete fun and exciting team challenges
  • Sing songs about decomposition, adaptations, and the food chain

Night Time Activities 

  • The Town Hall Meeting, in which you will debate and vote on a development issue
  • The Barnyard Boogie, where you will learn dances with our live band!
  • The Night Hike, in which you will go for a hike at night and learn about astronomy
  • Skit Night, where you will perform skits on the campfire stage!
  • Each evening ends with a campfire where naturalists sing songs and tell stories

For information regarding our partnership, please refer to the monthly newsletters.