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Introduction & Overview

Welcome to Winters Middle School and congratulations on your choice to try out and participate as a member of our athletic program.  It is our school and athletic department’s intent for athletics to be an enriching and healthy experience for students in which physical, mental, and social growth takes place through interscholastic competition.  

WMS staff, administration, and coaches believe interscholastic athletics are an integral part of a student athlete’s total educational experience.  The success of our athletic programs is based on our student athletes’ abilities to balance their participation with academic and school-wide behavioral expectations.  At WMS, student athletes strive to continue to establish a school culture that supports academic, interpersonal, emotional, and athletic success for all using developed school wide expectations.  Student athletes develop leadership skills by following SOAR, or Safety First, Own Your Actions, Always Be Kind, and Respect for All.  We believe success is not always recorded on the scoreboard but how we learn, grow, and deal with adversity is equally important.

Participation in WMS athletic programs is a privilege; we therefore have the right to expect higher standards of behavior from our student athletes.  Since athletics provide a unifying influence upon our student body and between our school and community, athletes must represent WMS in the classroom, hallways, outdoor areas, and other common school areas with utmost SOARing expectations.  Our athletic handbook serves to inform students and parents about the guidelines, policies, and regulations of Yolo County Athletic League (YCAL).  It explains expectations for athletes at WMS.  One of the primary roles of our athletic department is to oversee the conduct of our student athletes.  We urge parents to take an active part in the guidance and supervision of their son or daughter while supporting WMS guidelines in our endeavor to develop positive and productive student athletes.

Academic Eligibility

4.0, WMS' Athletic Handbook:

4.1    Incoming 6th Grade Students: Incoming 6th grade students will have a “fresh start” because there isn’t a previous academic or behavioral history at WMS.  However, 6th grade students must be eligible to participate two weeks before try-outs.

4.2    Athletes must maintain C grades or better in all classes to try out and maintain eligibility.

4.3    A student may be offered preliminary eligibility to try out if a teacher’s report demonstrates progress toward a C range grade. The student must achieve a C range grade before the first day of competition in order to achieve eligibility. 

4.4    Students earning a D/F in standard grade will be granted a two week probationary period to provide time to raise grades to C’s or better.  Coach may decide if that student can play/participate in practice or games during that probationary period.  Student will be dropped from the team/season if grades are not raised to Cs or better during the probationary period.  

4.5    Weekly Grade Checks: Weekly grade checks are mandatory.  Grade checks are due back to the athletic director by 3:15pm every Thursday during the season.  Students without a completed grade check by Thursday at 3:15pm will not be allowed to practice or play until a completed grade check is submitted to the athletic director.

4.6    Only eligible athletes may try out for a sport (Unless the appeal process deems otherwise).

Athletics Program

Fall Sports

  • 6th/7th Grade Volleyball
  • 8th Grade Volleyball

Winter Sports

  • 6th/7th Boy's Basketball
  • 6th/7th Girl's Baskeball
  • 8th Grade Boy's Basketball
  • 8th Grade Girl's Basketball

Spring Sports

  • Boy's Soccer
  • Girl's Soccer
  • Track and Field

Athletic Handbook & Required Forms

Dear Students & Families,

It is very important that you read carefully our athletic handbook to understand how athletics and our school wide goals go hand in hand.  Below you will find a link to our athletic handbook and required forms needed before a student can participate in athletics at WMS.  Please call our main office or reach out to our athletic director with any questions.  We are happy to help.