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WMS offers several interscholastic sport teams that play other schools.  Sports are offered each season. These sports vary depending on coaching availability and funding.  Student athletes are expected to work hard and make satisfactory progress in all of their classes.  Students must also exhibit appropriate behavior and sportsmanship at all times.  If a student is suspended out of school during an athletic season, they will be removed from the team. Coaches reserve the right to dismiss any student from the team they are supervising at any time.

Eligibility Policy

To be eligible, all athletes must demonstrate academic responsibility and positive behavior.  Students not meeting eligibility requirements are not allowed to try out for the sport. A student receiving a D/F in standard grade or a D/F in academic responsibility will be granted a two week probationary period and the coach may decide if that student can play/participate until they meet requirements.  If grades are not raised within the two weeks, the student will be dropped from the team.

Students can pick up grade checks from their coach or in the front office on Mondays; grade checks are due back to the Athletic Director by 3:15 on Thursdays. If a completed grade check is not turned in on Thursday, the athlete will not be able to practice/ play until the grade check is received. The athlete will be removed from the team if they go on probation and/or forget a grade check for a second time in the same sport.

Athletics Program

Fall Sports

  • 6th/7th Grade Volleyball
  • 8th Grade Volleyball

Winter Sports

  • 6th/7th Boy's Basketball
  • 6th/7th Girl's Baskeball
  • 8th Grade Boy's Basketball
  • 8th Grade Girl's Basketball

Spring Sports

  • Boy's Soccer
  • Girl's Soccer
  • Track and Field

Athletic Contract

Student Athletes must sign an Athletic Contract prior to tryouts.  Please see Mrs. Chavez for more information.

Athletic Contract